Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York

Greats is a direct-to-consumer footwear brand born in Brooklyn that launched in 2014 with a focus on premium, Italian-made sneakers. Founded by industry veterans Ryan Babenzien and Jon Buscemi, Greats aims to disrupt the traditional retail model by delivering luxury sneakers at a fair price through their online-only business.

The brand is known for its minimalist, classically-inspired sneaker designs made from high-quality materials like full-grain Italian leather. Greats challenges mass-market footwear by emphasizing ethical manufacturing, innovative details like their signature cushioned insoles, and a customer-first approach.

Did you know? 
In 2019, Greats was acquired by the fashion footwear company Steve Madden to help expand the brand’s reach and resources while maintaining its direct-to-consumer model.

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