New Balance

Founded: 1906
Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

New Balance is an iconic American footwear and apparel brand founded in 1906 as the New Balance Arch Support Company by William J. Riley. Originally focused on arch supports and orthopedic shoes, New Balance transitioned into athletic footwear in the 1930s and pioneered some of the first modern running shoes.

While, over time, they have broadened their manufacturing efforts overseas, New Balance has remained committed to some domestic manufacturing. They maintain factories in the U.S. and U.K. to produce some of their core performance models using premium materials and innovative technologies like blended gel inserts.

Over the decades, New Balance has outfitted elite athletes across sports from running to baseball, while more recently expanding into baseball and football. The brand’s classic models like the 990, 574, and 997 have become fashion staples embraced by sports stars, celebrities, and influencers for their timeless design and superior comfort.

A major factor in New Balance’s lifestyle popularity has been its successful collaborations with fashion brands, designers, and influencers. The brand has partnered with the likes of Aimé Leon Dore, Kith, Bodega, and many others to create highly coveted, limited-edition sneaker designs. These collaborations have allowed them to fuse its heritage with a fresh perspective, reaching new audiences by combining the brand’s classic silhouettes with modern aesthetics and cultural relevance. Many of these collaborative models have become grails for sneakerheads, further cementing New Balance’s status as a fashion force alongside its performance pedigree.

Did you know? 
In addition to its iconic “N” logo, many of the New Balance shoe boxes feature a picture of a chicken inside the lid as a nod to founder William Riley, who was inspired by the perfect balance and three-point footprint of a chicken’s foot when developing his arch support designs.

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