Grant Stone

Founded: 2016
Headquarters: Hartford, Michigan

Grant Stone is an American footwear brand specializing in premium Goodyear-welted boots and shoes. Founded in 2016 by Wyatt Gilmore, whose family has deep roots in the footwear industry, Grant Stone aims to deliver exceptional quality at an accessible price point.

What sets Grant Stone apart is their manufacturing story – all of their footwear is produced in the same Xiamen, China factory where Gilmore spent 8 formative years learning the craft of shoemaking. This long-standing relationship allows Grant Stone to use premium components like Horween leathers, Barbour lining, and Rendenbach soles while maintaining quality control over the 200+ step production process.

Grant Stone prides itself on an unwavering commitment to proper fit and comfort, offering a wide range of lengths and widths to accommodate different foot shapes. The brand also emphasizes ethical manufacturing practices and transparency about their origins.

Did you know? 
Grant Stone was named after a legendary Alden salesman whose accounts Wyatt Gilmore’s grandfather took over upon his retirement. Gilmore’s family has multi-generational ties to the Alden brand.

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